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Port 9 Blog

Playing well with others

We are back from vacations, and reviewing plans for the next few months. Up to this point we've been working on our core technology, and that is coming along pretty well. So for the next few months we will be focusing more on how we integrate with other systems. We'll sprinkle some comments about that throughout this post as we update you on some recent travel and other activities.

Busy, travel, and more busy

We are currently heads down preparing code so we can be ready for a private demo to show at IBC in Amsterdam in September. Here are some notes from some recent events we attended: SVG Sports Cloud Production Forum and EBU Network Technology Seminar.

Using uncompressed video in the cloud

We recently presented a paper at the SMPTE Media Technology Summit that discusses transmission of uncompressed video in the public clouds. We didn't include any per-cloud data in the paper -- instead we released some open source testing tools so the readers could perform their own tests. We were concerned that the data would be quickly out of date. But on the web we can keep it updated. This post contains our current findings, and we will try to occasionally freshen it up with new data.

Conference season has returned

It feels strange but increasingly ordinary: After a few years of lockdown, conferences are in full swing again, and we've been spending more time in airplanes and hotels. In this post we talk a bit about where we've been and what is coming up for this conference season.